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REIKI: It was first introduced to the West by a Hawaiian born Japanese woman Mrs. Takata a Reiki disciple of Hayashi san who was a student of Usui sensei and Usui Reiki Ryoho before leaving the Gakkai after Usui sensei died to strike out on his own and continue the Research Usui sensei asked him to explore to bring back as healing experience info for the Gakkai. After Usui SENSEI died Hayashi san changed his Reiki Protocols and started his own Reiki Society separate from the original Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.

I am very grateful to Hayashi san and Takata san for bringing Hayashi Reiki to the West, but I was never comfortable with the way Mrs. Takata felt compelled to change the truth of Usui sensei and the origins of Usui Reiki thereby changing Reiki ‘s “history” for the earlier Pioneers of Reiki in the West that spread worldwide

So as a Reiki Master of 16 years, I looked inward and uncovered the spiritual dimension of Reiki for myself and for my students. I taught the first of all my future Reiki classes as a path to enlightenment in 2007 at the Amrit Yoga Institute in Florida It was quickly recognized as an awakening journey just as prana awakening is the awakening path for raja yogis

In 2010 I journeyed to Japan to discover my Reiki roots and soon learned that the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai that Usui sensei founded was STILL in existence, but it was a “secret Reiki society” opened only to a few Japanese born advanced Usui Reiki disciples and certainly closed shut to Westerners.

After I returned home to Massachusetts I researched Japanese Reiki and was immediately drawn to Japan’s very famous Reiki sensei, Hiroshi Doi sensei, who I later discovered, IS a current, and 10 year member of the secret Japanese Reiki society, The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai” …

It felt natural and appropriate for me to study directly with Doi sensei and join his Gendai Reiki Energy lineage and his Japanese Gendai Reiki Association. So with the support of my Reiki Master husband, who is my teaching Partner, James, we both headed back to Japan to study directly with Doi sensei and attend the 2012 Gendai Reiki World Network Gathering where we represented the USA as one of the 13 Reiki Master Delegates from around the world.

Bringing the origins of Reiki back West is such a blessing for me. Not only did my initiation to Usui Reiki Ryoho from Gakkai member Hiroshi Doi sensei change my internal Reiki resonance to rise un-inhibited toward happiness, I can humbly and gratefully say that since my Gendai Reiki initiation, I am happy. I am at peace with myself as I am and my life as it is.

Come and learn Gendai Reiki Ho.


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"Temper is what gets most of us in trouble, pride is what keeps us there." ~Mark Twain
“Reactivity is what gets us in trouble, reacting to the reaction is what keeps us there” I am a teacher of Japan’s Hiroshi Doi sensei’s Gendai Reiki-ho. The original Reiki teachings that never came west to be western Reiki via Mrs. Takata Though I honor Takata Sensei's vast contribution to spreading Reiki Awareness as a Healing modal throughout the World it is now time to return to the Japanese source and share Reiki as the Spiritual Path Usui Sensei intended it to be

Masters, we have all tried and practiced ‘spirituality’ as it appears for us. Many of us have travelled to exotic lands and Sat before great Masters hoping, even trusting that ‘they’ will enlighten us! ‘Not possible Are you enlightened? If so, were you enlightened by anyone, ‘but yourself?

I experience enlightenment as ‘Reiki Awakening’: the Spirituality Usui Sensei realized and named Usui Reiki and passed along to seekers of truth And I experience the Self-Healing, self-purifying, self-transformational resonance with Reiki through attunement with Reiki’s humble acceptance of Life as it appears in our awareness.
I experience that Gendai Reiki is the optimum enlightenment gift to pass along via our Gakkai Lineage attunement My husband & I experienced inherent Reiki Awaken in us when we placed our self at the foot of the Gakkai’s Usui Reiki Path

Inherent in attunement to Gendai Reiki is simplicity without any effort Simply live by the Reiki Precepts, Practice Hatsurei-Ho meditation and in no time be at the deepest depth of inner realms available to you at the vibratory sensation of peaceful mind. Click on Link

I also developed a Reiki Nidra based on my Practices of Yoga Nidra. I use it more to relax before sleep and self-love And in Healing Sessions.

Link Nidra Here.

Reiki is my Calling. Are you Called as well?


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Understanding Reiki-do’s role in our Life. We are born in the image and likeness of god Along Life’s Path we lose that knowing and the ego self-image takes over Our mission is to real-ize our divinely creative selves again

After living our life dedicated to purification of the ego self-image our many travelled Paths finally merge and we find our self on our unique ‘Spiritual Way’ We take the Return Trip to being ourselves again to real-izing the god-self that we are then the Universe rejoices And human progress and prosperity flourishes My homeward Path is called Reiki-Do Do means Way In Japan’s Shinto Spirituality the manner in which purity is restored is called oharai The acts of purification are performed by priests who act as intermediaries speaking to the Kami on behalf of the person they ceremonially purify This is not so unlike Purifying with Reiki where Kami can be seen as the creative life force in all things and Reiki as the rebalancing energizing and harmonizing power of Kami vibrating as the life force of Love and Harmony

In Reiki Practice The Reiki Practitioner takes the role of the symbolic channel for the creative living spirit force and supports the Recipient in accessing the Reiki energy for their mindbody purification

The Spirit or Kami of Reiki Life Force Energy revitalizes the Creative Forces and the Life Giving Energies bringing Balance and Harmony to the Reiki Recipient

First line of Divine Order is to Heal Yourself The more purified the Practitioner is the more pure the Reiki being channeled

This is a combined learning that came to me through both my AYI Yoga and Gendai Reiki study and Practices Practice it when ever you feel a loss of resonance with Reiki

1. Close your eyes and open up your palms to connect with Reiki
2. Take a deep breath in exhale placing the hands down palms up on your lap
3. Let your awareness scan the body for anxious type sensations start at the head through the body to the feet
4. PLACE your Reiki awareness ON the most active bodily sensation
5. Do not judge the sensations good or bad
6. You may experience your breathing deepen do not interfere or try to regulate it
7. Place your palms over the area of most minus-energy sensation until the sensations dissipate and your breathing pattern has returned to normal
8. Each time you merge your awareness on minus energy sensations in this Reiki-do Purification Practice the imbalance will be restored to resonance of reiki.

Gendai Reiki Shihan Audrey Pearson AKA Rev Dev is a teacher/student of Metaphysics

Certified Advanced Amrit & Kripalu Yoga E-RYS 500 Teacher and CEC Provider and Founder of Yogapathways Yoga Teacher Trainings RYS-200 a Yoga Alliance registered School for Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training She is an Ordained Minister in the Metaphysical Universal Ministries (MUM) A Division of St John the Divine, Allentown PA. Charter # 1585740.Cert # 198, dated 5/4/98. Dev is a Certified Gendai Reiki Shihan and Teaches Gendai Reiki Ho Levels I (Shoden) – IV (Gokuikaiden) with her Gendai Shihan Partner James Mohan Pearson and both are available to bring Gendai Reiki to your Yoga Center Audrey is the Founder of Gendai Reiki America a Reiki School specifically for Gendai Reiki Ho in Worcester MA and from 2021 on also in a yoga studio near you in Isle of Wight and Southsea England. Please ask for DETAILS


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Audrey Pearson Gendai Reiki Shihan is devoted to Unconditional Love of ‘Sacred Universal Life Force in the cultural Forms and formless Forms of Reiki and Prana Shakti. Transforming fear to love in the conscious awareness of what IS as is.
Thoughts immersed in conscious awareness of universal truth, AKA Divine consciousness manifesting as divine universal revelation, AKA the Spiritual Dimension as Reiki (Peaceful mind) and as Its other name ‘Pranic life force (Prana Shakti)’, AKA acceptance of what IS as is ~’manifests as peace-filled life.

In the alchemy of Reiki and of Prana Shakti, disturbances in the mind created by judgement of an Other’s Karmic unfolding, is replaced with understanding that One cannot ever know an-Other’s inner karmic struggles, thus criticism of the Other reveals the ‘un- consciousness of ‘self-judgement’ AKA rejection of one’s own unhealed inner struggle reflected in the behavior judged in an Other.

The “Issue/Behavior rejected in the Other whether ‘same, ‘similar or at the very least of the same subject is always reflected in the Judger. It is always a self-referencing generally subconscious disturbance because the unconscious-Judger is not ‘Clear’ about the Nature of “Judge not, lest ye be judged”

To protect the unconscious ego-self the Judger will separate from the One they Judge, either Mentally Emotionally and or physically, ‘thus Spiritually. Only that’s not what happens! The Judger really separates from ‘conscious awareness’ ~
Alchemy of Reiki. If any One of us has created confrontive relationship with an Other on the mental, emotional and or physical planes, be it a past beloved guru, and or a beloved friend from the past. ‘No need to “forgive yourself”! Forgive yourself for what? ‘for actively engaging in your own Karma? Instead, restore your wounded ego to conscious-awareness again through the simplicity of humility and truth by dropping your ego self’s Image’s ‘Story’. ‘Re-connect with those you judge ‘wrong’. Set an Example for the World by Practicing what you teach others first.


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