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Required Reading

Usui Reiki Ryoho is a Japanese technique for creating happiness, peaceful mind, relaxation, healing and spiritual transformation. The author, Hiroshi Doi, is a Japanese Reiki Master who is a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, the original association started by the founder of Usui Reiki, Usui Sensei. The first four presidents of the Gakkai after Usui Sensei were trained by him and the last of the four was president through 1975, making the training and information taught to Gakkai members and contained in their archives the most authentic available today.

Since the Gakkai is a closed association in which it is difficult even for Japanese Reiki students to become members, we are fortunate that this author has permission to pass this sacred information on to the public. Iyashino Gendai Reiki-ho was the first book written by a Japanese Reiki Master that was translated and published in English. However, it had been out of print for many years. The current publisher, who is also a Reiki Master, worked closely with the author and founder of Japan’s Gendai Reiki Ho, updating the text to include many important facts from the Gakkai archives that were not in the first edition and also carefully refining the translation so that the esoteric concepts would be more comprehensible to the Western mind. This is an important book that preserves the original concepts and methods taught by Usui Sensei while at the same time offering a practical system of Reiki for modern times.